Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Who pays taxes?

The left in Canada and the USwhine that are tax system favours the rich but in both countries the top 10% of taxpayers pay the majority of taxes. Huge numbers on both sides of the border pay no income tax. This constituency sees tax as a good, instead of what they really are a killer of jobs and productivity. It's time for a flat tax!!!


Anonymous said...

Tax the poor, give more to the rich. Sounds about right for the bloated doctor.

Alain said...

The Left has always cultivated and encouraged class division and envy. Envy is one of the base instints of human nature that is a negative rather than a positive, which is why most religiious and spiritual schools or systems teach the necessity of rising above our base instints. l suspect this is also why the Left prefers society to be sans religion or moral beliefs.

Jen said...

Hugo Chavez tried that very same thing and guess what the wealthy although still living in venezuela have taken their money out of venezuela to re invest in another country. When Hugo heard of it he asked the wealthy to reinvest their money in Venezuela.
Now Hugo has to spend have to spend money on the people and the economy since the wealthy are not helping.

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