Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vote for Zach Paikin!

 I do have a liberal friends and one of them is Zach Paikin. Coincidentally I was out last night with some young friends and Zach was among them. He is a great guy. He is smart, funny and understands Canadian politics far better than many older grits. He agrees with me on about 80% of issues. He is fiscally conservative and we have many common foreign policy objectives. He is running tio be policy director of the liberals. I hope iof he doesn't join us, that he will win that position. The liberal party has to exit its leftist morass and return to the party it was before trudeau and pearson. So I wish my friend Zach Paikin well , though I admit I still want to stomp out the embers of the grits.

Zach Paikin, son of TVO host Steve Paikin, is running for the post of national policy chair of the federal Liberal party at the party’s biennial convention in Ottawa in January.

The 20-year-old Paikin’s platform includes proposals for regular policy conventions at which members could influence party policy, and creation of a Liberal think tank to develop ideas for the future. National Post Comment editor Jonathan Kay interviewed him on his views:

Kay: I see from your web site that you want to “Establish an independent liberal think tank to begin developing the ideas of the future.” Sorry, but haven’t the Liberals convened about 87 different listening tours, policy conventions, retreats, and blue-ribbon policy reports since the Martin era? Isn’t that the party’s problem — that its grandees always thinks they’re ...

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