Monday, September 05, 2011

A two party system?

That has long been the goal of many Tories including HM PM Harper. This is an interesting interview with Ed Broadbent. A dipper grit merger would bring many more people over to the Tories. Any such merger would be a dipper takeover and I can't see many blue grits staying in a party intent on destroying capitalism. It is fun to watch the discussions, though I suspect this will not happen until after a second or third Tory Majority government.

PARLIAMENT HILL—The Liberal Party of Canada is "withering away" and its members, who over the last week obliquely hinted of a potential merger with the NDP, really have only one choice, says Ed Broadbent, former New Democrat leader and the party's elder statesman.

"Come and join us," Mr. Broadbent said, passing his advice on through The Hill Times.

And Mr. Broadbent, in a lengthy but one-topic interview with The Hill Times, said he is convinced Canada is on its way to a two-party choice in federal elections.

Arguing the Liberal Party, while including members who might feel more at home with the Conservative Party, also includes political thinkers he believes to be social democrats at heart. Mr. Broadbent cited the examples of former Quebec provincial Liberal Thomas Mulcair (Outremont, Que.) and former federal Liberal Fran├žoise Boivin (Gatineau, Que.), both of whom are weighing their potential candidacy in the party's leadership race.


Anonymous said...

Liberal Social Democrat, LSD for short. Their mantra:

LSD is a Party for those longing for a return to the utopian good old days in a psychedelic Volkswagen bus.


Jerry Prager said...

It's true,all the fascists would leave the Liberal party for the corporatist party of Canada, leaving only democrats and progressives, and ensuring the Con serves no one but the Cromwellian Protectorate. Jack was lying in state and Harper was in the Arctic promoting the right of gold companies to dump their wastes in fishing grounds. Stephen Harper, serving Big Business since he was a boy.

maryT said...

What is the difference of PMSH supporting big business when the lib/dippers support union welfare, via outrageous wages, benefits, pensions, no back to work legislation, strikes and destruction of property by strikers, with no punishment or fines, harassment of non union workers, and so much more.
And by supporting unions, the lib/dippers support not hiring the most qualified, and incompetent can't be fired.

I Support Lord Black