Monday, September 05, 2011

Thank you grits

The fallout from the decade of darkness continues today. All of the subs are now offline.  My friend Matthew Worth said on Facebook: Also wanted to point out that Fmr Prime Minister Brian Mulroney was given unprecedented approval by the US Government in 1988 to buy Nuclear Submarines, which we planned to buy 12. But Canadians wanted better social programs and voted in Chrétien which of course killed that idea and he bought 4 old British Diesel subs which have cost 1.5 billion and killed one Naval officer. Can Canadians still say CH-124 Sea King helcopters also??
pseudochretien and his libranos sent our troops all over the place, but just didnt want to properly equip them.

The navy’s last operational submarine is now sidelined until 2016, leaving the service without an underwater capability and potentially throwing into question the future of the submarine fleet.

The submarine program, which has already cost around $900 million, has been plagued with various maintenance issues that have prevented the boats from being available for operations on a regular basis.

A media report in July noted that one of the subs, HMCS Windsor, arrived in Canada in the fall of 2001 but since then it has operated at sea for just 332 days.

HMCS Corner Brook, damaged when it hit the ocean floor during a training accident in June on the West Coast, is now dockside. It will be repaired and overhauled during a planned maintenance period now underway.

But it is not scheduled to return to sea until 2016, the navy confirmed in an email to the Ottawa Citizen.

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RJ65 said...

It is interesting that Brazil is purchasing/building nuclear powered submarines to secure its off-shore oil assets. Here in Canada we have the most challenging ocean on the planet and we have nothing, nothing that can effectively patrol our coastal waters all year round.


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