Saturday, September 03, 2011

Salim Mansur:The jihadi threat

 Salim Mansur assesses the growing jihadi threat to the West. Unfortunately many in the West do not understand the jihadi threat.

Ten years after 9/11, it could be said there is far less clarity of understanding about Islamism and Islamist terrorism than there was in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on America.

Indeed, it is ironical — though the man responsible for 9/11 has been disposed of deservingly, the U.S. and rest of the West readily continue their downward slide of appeasing Islamists and their political agenda.

In New York, the biggest cheerleader of the Ground Zero mosque project is none other than its mayor, Michael Bloomberg. We have seen President Obama bowing in the direction of the Saudi king and former president George W. Bush take the same king gently by the hand as an honoured guest.

This is the Saudi leader, King Abdullah, whose citizens engaged in the mass casualty attack on America’s most famous city.

Arab petrodollars have thoroughly perverted Islam, or more appropriately the “official” Islam of the Arab-Muslim world, into a homicidal jihadi cult.

But it has also infected the West, and severely warped its capacity to think critically when it comes to dealing with the Arab-Muslim world.

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