Friday, September 16, 2011

Salim Mansur and David Harris in Montreal

Rabbi Poupko

I got to see my friends Salim Mansur and David Harris in Montreal last week at Beth Israel,Beth Aaron. They were giving a talk on 9/11 Ten years later.
It was organized by my friend David Ouellette. It was also nice to see Valerie Price(a fellow member of the PA Herald) and her Husband ( we all went to her lovely home after for a visit), Alex Meterissian of the PA Herald, Eric Duhaime of the RLQ and Marc Lebuis.
 It was a receptive audience. It was depressing to hear about the extent of the jihadi threat and infiltration, but the message must get out. We are lucky to have men like Salim and David who understand the jihadi threat.

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