Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ridding Canada of the grits

I have long dreamed of ridding Canada of the grits. The grits face extinction in several provinces, but the important race to rid us of the grits is Ontario. Ontario needs to throw mcliar out and I think Tim Hudak will do just that. mcliar is increasingly desperate.

Besieged Liberals must find a way to Grit and bear it

OTTAWA— Globe and Mail Update
Published Thursday, Sep. 29, 2011
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In this last week before we begin a spate of provincial elections, one theme seems to dominate: the Liberal brand is in as much trouble provincially as it is federally.

The once-grand old party that dominated Canadian political life was reduced to third place in last May’s election, leaving the Liberals with formidable challenges as they seek to rebuild. But at the provincial level, things are even worse: In some provinces, the party is threatened with extinction.


Anonymous said...

unfortunately the Superior North riding will probably keep Gravelle.
and the next riding Thunder Bay Attikocan will keep Bill Mauro.
We keep saying we are ignored by the south but if we keep these two in we deserve what we get.
any advice on getting rid of them or educating the voters would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

If the results on election night is a minority, my hope is that the PC have the most seats followed by the NDP.
Liberal pride will not allow a coalition if they can't be in the drivers seat.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to think Hudak would be different, but one socialist for another socialist is hardly going to ignite either a PC surge or the demise of the Libs, there's just not that much difference between the parties philosophies of nanny state control.
Until the P is gone from the PC party a socialist is a socialist is a socialist and no Conservative theory or practice can remain true and survive in such a party.

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