Thursday, September 22, 2011

Quebec corruption

I railed against the federal parliament for denouncing Macleans. Their headlines were correct. All the politicians in Quebec and Ottawa owe Martin Patriquin an apology. More from my friend Eric Duhaime.

On Tuesday, the federal government tabled its omnibus crime bill. If they’re serious about bringing justice back to this country, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives should instead tackle Quebec Premier Jean Charest’s mess.

A devastating report from the anti-collusion unit headed by Jacques Duchesneau, former Montreal police chief, on the corruption of the construction industry in La Belle Province was leaked last week.

The report might as well be called “Screwing the Quebec System for Dummies.”

After more than 2,500 hours of anonymous interviews with all the major players, the report concludes that if things keep going as they have been, if nothing is done soon, we will “not be talking any more about marginal or even parallel criminal activities; we could suspect infiltration or even taking of control of certain functions of the government or the municipalities” by influence peddlers.

Public infrastructure projects cost 30% more in Quebec than they do elsewhere in the country. Is that the extra price of cost-fixing? Is it the Mafia’s cut on top of the real market price?


Anonymous said...

Corruption in the construction industry goes back to 1967 and the building projects for Expo 67...and if I know this Iam quite sure that people in the political circles do also

Splendor Sine Occasu said...

I think British Columbia may be a close second...

Anonymous said...

Actually Ontario is much more corrupt what with the E health card overruns, the consultant-friends hired by the Liberals at great cost and the green energy contracts. By the media finds it easier and funnier to bash Quebec.

DavidA said...

Any place that elects humans to govern is going to have that political, white-collar jazz going on all the time. The difference with Quebec is that it's full-out mafioso infiltration.

The difference's a lot easier to put organized crime behind bars than politicians.

Sean M said...

While i think the mafia, Hells Angels infiltration of the Quebec Government is a disgrace, and very dangerous. The lack of outrage from the Charest Government and the media is down right scary. I don't believe the stench of corruption emanating from the Quebec Government is at all surprising, but the reaction, or lack there of from the powers that be, is extremely disturbing. I'm from BC, most likely a close second to Quebec in terms of organized crime influence upon Government and it's institutions, with respects to Ontario. Organized crime and the "Liberals" go hand in hand, with the media aiding and abetting the corruption. It's up to the citizens to demand a cleansing of our Government institutions from the shackles of organized crime and a corrupt, compliant media before it gets any worse. Trudeauvia has always been corrupt and it's well past the time that people wake up to that reality and demand justice. Politicians and the media are up to their eyeballs in maintaining this corruption and will do nothing to stop it, for fear of being punished and imprisoned, it's up to the citizenry to demand accountability.

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