Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Prince Arthur Herald

Barbara Kay has a great piece on The Prince Arthur Herald. I am very impressed by how the kids at the PA Herald have redone their site. I am proud to say that I a now on the Board of Governors of the Prince Arthur Herald!. Go see the new site. This should give the radicals at the Mcgill daily a real headache.

Giving conservative students a voice

Barbara Kay, National Post · Sept. 7, 2011
They say journalism is the first draft of history. And we know the average newsroom, let alone the editorial section, is far more liberal than the electorate. How did our first-drafters come to be so ideologically skewed? Hardly any went to a formal journalism school. But a lot of them did apprentice at an informal school of a sort: the campus newspaper.

Most students aren't interested in reading or writing for the opinion section of campus newspapers, but those who are, are ambitious: They often go on to positions of influence in politics and the mainstream media. Since the Sixties, big-campus newspapers have been hotbeds of left-wing ideology and even of useful idiocy for the West's sworn enemies. And many of them not only have no competition, they are generously funded by their institutions (via mandatory student fees) to encourage radicalism.


Anonymous said...

With all due respect, the Prince Arthur Herald is not really conservative. I've read mainly of their articles and at best they come across as blue-liberal/red-tory.

If it wasn't for the fact that they are a "university CONSERVATIVE paper" (FWIW) nobody here would be praising them for their "conservative" articles.

Anonymous said...

The French website is much more conservative than the English section. If you can translate a couple of articles, you would be surprised.

It is curious from a province that has elected a majority of Dippers.

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