Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Patrick Moore, co founder of greenpeace defends the Oilsands

Its nice to see that not all so called environmentalists are insane. Capitalism makes things better environmentally with time. Most people want to live in a cleaner world. The market will provide that.

In fact, as dozens of protesters were being arrested in a demonstration against what they say is an environmentally dangerous Keystone XL pipeline that would take oil from Alberta to refineries on the Texas coast, Moore issued a statement defending oilsands development.

"You can't stop the use of oil by trying to cut it off at the source — by being against the oil production, the pipelines and the tankers that are moving it," Moore told Postmedia News. "Of course you have to move oil from one place to where the market is.

"The only way to reduce our reliance on oil is to move to technologies that don't need or use less of it."

He said that oilsands development is necessary and often leaves the production sites in better environmental shape than they were before oil was taken from the land.

These aren't the views one might expect from someone who helped start Greenpeace in 1971.

Moore served lengthy terms as Greenpeace Canada president and director of the group's international branch. He also held a chair with the Forest Alliance of B.C.

In 1991, though, Moore founded Greenspirit — a consultancy firm dedicated to "environmental policy and communications."

Billed as a "sensible environmentalist," he appeared in a recent "information campaign" by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) to promote improved environmental conduct by oilsands producers.


The_Iceman said...

You used a double negative in your opening sentence. Drop the "n't" from aren't and you will correct the error.

Cory said...

I really like Dr. Moore. He is partially responsible for me becoming and Environmental Studies major despite being a right-winger.

Another issue that this article doesn't address though is the total impact of the oil from "well to wheel".

Pipelines are the most energy efficient means of transporting oil with the least environmental impact.

If not pipelines from Alberta, we'll be forced to accept oil tankers from the middle east. This uses more energy (and emits more pollution/carbon)and it is much harder to clean up an oceanic oil spill than a pipeline leak.

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