Wednesday, September 14, 2011

obama in big trouble

bo's polls are tanking and now the dems lose NY-9!!! This is a very , very den seat. The GOP easily took NV-2. Obama was a huge drag in this race. If the GOP could come up with a better candidate, obama won't have a chance.

Although the district may well be eliminated by Empire State line-drawers tasked with cutting down New York’s congressional delegation by two seat before 2012, the result will buoy Republicans hopes heading into 2012 and spur anxiety among Democrats.

Republicans also easily held a seat in Nevada’s GOP-heavy 2nd district, which has never elected a Democrat. State Sen. Mark Amodei (R) beat state Treasurer Kate Marshall (D) in a special election for the House seat left open by Sen. Dean Heller (R), who was appointed to replace Sen. John Ensign (R). Ensign resigned earlier this year over a scandal involving an aide.

The New York seat, which was vacated by Weiner earlier this year following relevations of his involvement in a series of online liaisons with women who were’t his wife, was initially considered safe for Democrats.

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