Saturday, September 03, 2011

More evidence of the flailing pq

Sp now pauline and her friends are now hanging out with the rrq, a group the vast majority ( including most separatists) of Quebeckers find repugnant. It is just another sighn that pauline is sinking in the quicksand.

In allowing party reps to meet with a hardline group that uses threats and intimidation, the PQ leader is showing further weakness

At about 1: 45 p.m. Thursday, René Lévesque rolled over in his grave.

This was immediately after his current successor as leader of the Parti Québécois defended two high-ranking emissaries for meeting with a representative of the extremist sovereignist Réseau de résistance du Québécois.

Lévesque abhorred political violence and put as much distance as he could between the party he founded and extremists such as the RRQ, which uses intimidation, including the threat of violence, as a political tactic.

Two years ago, the RRQ used the threat of violent disruptions to force the cancellation of a 250th-anniversary re-enactment of the British victory over the French on the Plains of Abraham. Last year, it sent letters resembling communiqués of the terrorist Front de libération du Québec to contributors to the Quebec Liberal Party, informing them that they had been "targeted" and that their names and addresses had been posted on the RRQ's website. The Liberal Party has blamed the RRQ's intimidation of its contributors for a subsequent drop in donations.

And in July, after an unsuccessful attempt to disrupt the visit of Prince William and his wife to Quebec City, RRQ leader Patrick Bourgeois said he had planned to have his sympathizers try to break through police lines. He said he decided not to give the order because there were families with children in the crowd who had taken his word that the protest would be nonviolent. Next time, he vowed, he would "avoid such risks."

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