Thursday, September 08, 2011

Merger and Rae

Lots of interesting articles today. Chantal Hebert say the grits are trying to stamp out merger because their already small donor base will get even smaller. Fascinating to watch pseudo chretien trying to stamp out the grits.
And Sheila Copps says she will run to be grit president and would let bb are be permanent leader. Another
coronation? What a great way for grit renewal Copps is a voice from the distant pass and Rae is a twice failed leadership candidate. The blue grits will continue to run away.

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Jen said...

The ones who are the dopey ones are the msm. The Grits and the ndp are making use of them knowing full well they are dopey, stupid, lazy sneazy.

How many years Dalton escaped being scrutinezed by the dopes.

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