Friday, September 30, 2011

May he rot in hell

The monster is finally dead.

Clifford Olson, the so-called “Beast of British Columbia” and one of Canada’s most infamous serial murders, has died.

Olson’s death was confirmed Friday afternoon by Terry Bizeau, mother of 15-year-old Terri Lyn Carson, one of Olson’s victims, who said she received a call from Corrections Canada.

It was learned on Sept. 21 that Olson was apparently dying of cancer with only days or weeks to live, according to families of Olson’s victims, who were given the news by Corrections Canada officials.

In 1981, Olson was arrested and eventually confessed to killing 11 children in British Columbia. He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

“There’s a weight lifted off of my shoulders, a 30 year weight,” said Bizeau on Friday, speaking like someone in a mild state of shock “I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I’ve had it. I don’t care. I’m finished. That’s it.”


Barb R said...

May he burn in hell for eternity. Plus a day.

dmorris said...

Hopefully the Devil will introduce Olson to Vlad Tepes,and leave Olson in his tender care.

melvin said...

For a lot of Canadians Olsen's name not only invokes rage at an evil being, but gives us a glimpse into the sickness within Canada's so called justice system.

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