Monday, September 26, 2011

Irrelevant liberal hack frank graves...

Makes another useless analysis.


wilson said...

Oh Frank,
YOU started the fearmongering (wishful thinking) that Quebecers jumped at,
the Orange Crush!

from the Frank Graves archives:

..." With the current splits, these levels of support would produce 131 Conservative seats but the NDP would have 100 seats while the Liberals would hold 62. Together, the NDP and Liberal Party would have a majority and 31 more seats than the Conservatives, as well as nearly 20 more points in popular vote.
It is hard to imagine how these totals would not produce the once unimaginable outcome of a
Jack Layton led coalition government deposing Stephen Harper’s Conservative government...." to the radio said...

I hear the same excuses every time.
The one that grates on me the most is the concern that young people aren't voting.
Big deal.
Get over it and change your methods to account for the reality of voter apathy as it skews across age groups.

Hey Frank, Kory already pulled the curtain back by exposing your contribution record.

Kinda ranks up there with the irrelevant Coyne and his Liberal endorsement.

Viva SunTV!

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