Monday, September 19, 2011

In Praise of HM Minister of Citizenship Jason Kenney

Tim Harper is no conservativeand I am sure this article is just a lament, but evn this lefty understands Jason is a powerful force for moving Canada to the right. Jason at age 43 has many years ahead of him to help finish the job! All I can say is thank goodness Jason is on our side!

A visitor wandering into the belly of the beast is reminded of how far right this country has moved in recent years, how deeply entrenched the conservative political ethos is becoming in Canada.

The reminder came in an Edmonton hotel ballroom late last week and it came from a man who could one day be the natural heir to the Conservative dynasty he helped craft.

The ubiquitous Jason Kenney, the 43-year-old immigration minister who appears to draw oxygen from an exhausting schedule of political rallies, policy pronouncements and punches thrown at enemies real and imagined, would be near the top of anyone’s shortlist to some day succeed Harper.

So it was instructive to parse his words from the podium as he spoke to more than 350 former Reformers and present-day Conservatives as they gathered to honour Reform founder Preston Manning and western sage and magazine publisher Ted Byfield.

Kenney looked back on the recent political history of Canada and reminded visitors of an ideological journey.

His brand of conservatism seeks to toss more dirt on the grave of the species once known as the Red Tory, just as it seeks to formally extinguish the once-proud Liberal party.

As he was maturing, Kenney said, there was virtually no conservative thought in this country.

The spectrum, he said, ranged from New Democrat Gerald Caplan on the “foaming left” to the late Dalton Camp, the Red Tory, on the “socially acceptable left.”

There was no diversity of views, Kenney claimed, only “overwhelming, narrow consensus on every single issue.”

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