Monday, September 12, 2011

If Quebec had known?

I had suspected for months before the last federal election that Jack Layton was very illl. Indeed it is one of the reasons I kept predicting no election. Lysiane Gagnon asks some very relevant Questions.

This issue is particularly acute in Quebec, since most of those who voted for the NDP didn’t vote for the party, let alone for its unknown and invisible local candidates. They voted for Jack Layton – a sharp contrast with the other provinces, where the New Democrats have roots and long-time followers. The personality of the leader didn’t matter as much as it did in Quebec.

Last week, La Presse columnist Patrick LagacĂ© didn’t mince words: “Mr. Layton ran for the highest office knowing that the crab was gnawing at his bones. We should have been told. This would have changed the vote of thousands of people, that’s clear. And it’s someone who voted for the NDP who’s telling you this.”

Did Mr. Layton know about his “second cancer” before the election campaign? In March, he began to suffer hip pain. Tests showed he had a fracture and required surgery. Was this due to bone cancer?

Last week, Olivia Chow, Mr. Layton’s widow, told the CBC that she didn’t want to reveal what type of cancer killed her husband because it might “discourage” other cancer sufferers. This is preposterous. Cancer patients are not stupid. They know that there are as many cases as there are individuals, and that some of them will survive and some of them will die. Why treat them like children incapable of making a distinction between Mr. Layton’s fate and their own?

I can understand why Mr. Layton did not acknowledge his condition at the outset of the election campaign. He would have had to resign, thereby throwing his party in disarray. And for him, campaigning was certainly the best therapy he could have. Indeed, for a while, the flow of adrenalin trumped the disease. Still, his story should come as a lesson.

Maybe, as Mr. Picard concluded, it’s time for Canadian politicians to adopt the rules that prevail in the United States, where health records must be disclosed.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Quebec voted for Jack, rather they voted against the Libs, Cons and Bloc.
It was a protest vote gone horribly bad.

Jen said...

And for that spite dsaar, some of them (constituents) are now faced with "supposed' mps who have no idea where they are at: no clue to any of the NDP policies....only that, Jack's smile stood near by.

The constituents as far as I know never bothered to inquire. Like you said 'it is more of a protest vote.',

The only way for the constituents to do their part of the job is to hammer away at their mp on issues that matters-let them hear for themselves the reasonable answers they will or might get from the NDP mps.

Reporters have to be on these ndp mps cases ... which should have been done during the election.

Anonymous said...

See this is what burns my ass about this nonsense. Protest against WHAT??? Quebec has been on the outside looking in when it comes to Canadian politics for in and around 2 decades now. They keep electing MPs who can't affect government policy in any meaningful way and then complain that their voices aren't being heard... but they sure do expect a disproportionate amount of transfer funds to keep flowing in to fund their unsustainable social programs.

So electing the NDP in "protest" is just same old same old for Quebec. As far as I'm concerned they need to either join the discussion or get the heck out already.

maryT said...

Reports said that Layton was going to support the budget, but Mulcair held a gun to his head to vote against it and cause an election. I wonder if that gun was, hey Jack, you are dying and we must have an election before it happens, and we will win Quebec and possibly opposition with a coup. However, if we don't defeat Harper, and he calls an election after you die, we will elect no mps.

Jen said...

Dr. Roy, Charles Adler is or was on this very topic half an hour ago here is:

In case you have to reset the time make sure it is at 1pm then

Go to the 34:41 mark where you will hear Jack's voice then Adler's. Listen to what he has to say.

To use one's illness to get what you want knowing the outcome like Layton knew of his as did the NDP is to me not a very nice thing to do.
Had the public known the outcome to Jack illness, most probably the public would not have voted for the NDP. This was a plan by the NDP to manipulate the public on sympathy votes so that they can achieve their goal.

Anonymous said...

It is time for the NDP to come clean and let Canadians know what happened to Jack Layton.

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