Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Health care monopoly

I wrote a letter to the editor in response to Karen Selick's excellent op Ed in the National Post. Karen is just another reason you should donate to Freedom's legal team!!!

Re: Medicare, Heal Thyself, Karen Selick, Sept. 2.

Karen Selick is absolutely right - a voluntary transaction between a doctor patient should be legal and is, of course, moral. I have urged the government to allow some private health care for many years. The persecution of Dr. Karen Dockerhill is appalling.

Only in Canada, Cuba and North Korea is private health care illegal. Given the Chaouilli decision, I wonder if this ridiculous state of affairs can continue for much longer. There are still long waiting times for basic medical services across our great Dominion.

Why should those with financial means or insurance not be able to avail themselves to private care in Canada? There is private care very close by in the United States and many Canadians, including politicians like Danny Williams, have used those services.

The charges against Dr. Dockerill must be dropped. It is not in the mandate of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario to guarantee a government health monopoly.

Dr. Roy Eappen, Montreal.

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Anonymous said...

I think having a limited amount of private health care is fine i am aginst complete private health care system.

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