Thursday, September 01, 2011

Frances flew over the ....

Frances Russell is at it again. I had to reply, yet again, to her delusions.

Silly tirade
I know Frances Russell is in mourning that her political philosophy has once again been rejected. One hopes the people of Manitoba will repeat that in the upcoming provincial election.
Her latest anti-Harper tirade (State funeral could backfire on Harper, Aug. 30) is pretty silly. She is saying that because the prime minister showed generosity and kindness to the NDP, the Tories are lost. This is magical thinking.
Most of the people who came out for the funeral were long-time supporters of the NDP. This so-called outpouring was far more about Layton than about Russell’s socialist-utopian vision.
Russell’s columns have become so tired and clich├ęd that I read her only occasionally for comic relief. It is hard for her to do political commentary when she is so tightly blinkered.

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