Saturday, September 10, 2011

Federalist NDP?

This gives me pause. though I knew several dippers had close ties to the radical, Marxist, separatist Quebec Solidaire, I didn't know the ties were this close. Even the pq is mocking this.

NDP staffer to run for sovereigntist party Quebec solidaire in byelection
Jonathan Montpetit, The Canadian Press : Friday, September 09, 2011 6:5 PM

MONTREAL - A political aide for the federal NDP will run for a provincial sovereigntist party in an upcoming Quebec byelection, opening the door to further scrutiny of the allegiances of its MPs.

Patricia Chartier, a staffer for Quebec MP Philip Toone, confirmed to The Canadian Press she will be the Quebec solidaire candidate in the provincial riding of Bonaventure.

The Parti Quebecois, Quebec's biggest sovereigntist party, used Twitter to attack the apparent contradiction in Chartier's political loyalties.

"Federalist at work and sovereigntist on the campaign?," Pascal Berube, PQ member of the national assembly, wrote Friday.

Berube questioned in a later post if Toone would openly throw his support to his political attache running for a sovereigntist party.

The NDP and Toone did not return calls placed Friday afternoon.


maryT said...

Will she be fired either by her boss or Nycole. Not a great start for their leadership campaign, especially if someone from Quebec runs.
Their 86,000 members will have to dig deep to finance all those campaigns at 1100.00 maximum. And if they donate to a leadership candidate does that eliminate a donation to the party.
And will union members see an additional deduction for a dipper membership, without their knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Ever hear of Lucien Bouchard?

maryT said...

When Mulcair takes his Que caucus, to sit with the Bloc/and creates a new party, will the PM have to give him leader of the opposition status.
Will the remaining 44 dippers merge with the libs to get 81 seats to take the position. And as the ndp were elected as opposition, could the PM keep them in that spot.
Remember JC made the Bloc opposition with only 2 more seats than Preston Manning had. Wonder how JC likes being called the turd party as he used to call the Reform party.
It is amazing how many think Muclair will pull a Buchard if he loses the election.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Roy obviously doesn't realize that were it not for Tom Mulcair's efforts in the 1995 Referendum to stop the canceling of "NO" votes in Laval, that he'd be living in a separate country right now.
Attacking the living person who is most directly responsible for putting an end to the Bloc's official party status in Ottawa is moronic. The man is a hero!!!

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