Thursday, September 08, 2011

The dopey Ontario grits

The ridiculous grit platform now comes with new window dressing. All of a sudden the provincial deficit is "only" a staggering $15 billion. How does anyone trust mcliar? Changing deficit numbers on the day the writ is dropped doesn't pass the smell test. It is time for mcliar and the grits to go. It is time to elect Tim Hudak as Ontario's next Premier.

The Liberals’ Ontario: sunshine, lollipops and dopey ideas
MARGARET WENTE | Columnist profile | E-mail
From Thursday's Globe and Mail
Published Thursday, Sep. 08, 2011 2:00AM EDT

Here in Ontario, Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals have created a kerfuffle. Their list of election promises includes a dopey scheme to give a $10,000 tax credit to any business that hires a skilled new immigrant who’s unemployed. This half-baked idea has been correctly denounced as naked pandering to the immigrant vote – even by immigrants themselves.

“I’m absolutely worried,” Fabio Crespin, an immigrant from Brazil, told the CBC. The proposal obviously discriminates against other people who’re unemployed (including all those immigrants who aren’t so new). Worse, he says, it conjures up an “us versus them” scenario of newcomers fighting everyone else for jobs. It also fails to address one of the main causes of immigrant underemployment: the credentials problem. Nurses, speech therapists and engineers don’t need affirmative action; they need to have their credentials recognized, or to have a way to efficiently upgrade them.


Anonymous said...

posting about the latest poll 2nite, you sexy bugger?

Jen said...

The ones who are the dopey ones are the msm. The Grits and the ndp are making use of them knowing full well they are dopey, stupid, lazy sneazy.

How many years Dalton escaped being scrutinezed by the dopes.

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