Friday, September 02, 2011

The dipper 2009 Constitution

Apparently they will release their most current constitution today from their secret vault. ( wonder if there are secret codicils?)

As amended by the Federal Convention, Halifax 2009
The New Democratic Party believes that the social, economic and political progress of Canada can be assured only by the application of democratic socialist principles to government and the administration of public affairs.
The principles of democratic socialism can be defined briefly as:
That the production and distribution of goods and services shall be directed to meeting the social and individual needs of people within a sustainable environment and economy and not to the making of profit;
To modify and control the operations of the monopolistic productive and distributive organizations through economic and social planning. Towards these ends and where necessary the extension of the principle of social ownership;
The New Democratic Party holds firm to the belief that the dignity and freedom of the individual is a basic right that must be maintained and extended; and
The New Democratic Party is proud to be associated with the democratic socialist parties of the world and to share the struggle for peace, international co-operation and the abolition of poverty....


Update here is the current dipper constitution.

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maryT said...

So, if the President is anglophone the VP is elected by the francophone caucus, but if the President is francophone, the VP will be elected by all anglophones in attendance.
And the president and VP must be one of each.
So does that mean Mulcair, all by his lonesome, nominated and elected the current VP.

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