Monday, September 05, 2011

Death of separatism?

I am always wary of saying this. There are still ardent separatists in Quebec. Some of them are friends of mine. Even they have all but given up on the idea. A few years two of my separatist friends told me I should ask HM PM Harper to push Quebec out. That would be the only way for Quebec to attain independence. They told Quebeckers would never vote for independence. 
 Lysianne Gagnon thinks it's pretty much over except for the burial. I hope that's true, but I never underestimate the opposition.
THE GLOBE AND MAIL : Sovereignty slowly shuffling off this mortal coil

From Monday's Globe and Mail
Published Sunday, Sep. 04, 2011
“After the Arab Spring, there will be a Quebec Autumn!” What Pierre Curzi, a sovereigntist MNA, was trying to say was that, just as several Arab countries have risen up against despotism, so this autumn would see a surge of fervour for sovereignty in Quebec.
Unfortunately, Mr. Curzi chose a very bad metaphor – since autumn, far from being the season of renewal, is the season of death, the time when leaves fall off the trees and nature prepares for the long slumbering silence of winter.

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