Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dalton spends billions and...

accomplishes nothing. No wonder mcliar has been hiding this report. dalton needs to go !!

Ontario has the dubious distinction of having the worst hospital bottlenecks of any province, says a much-anticipated report prepared for the government.

More than 4,500 seniors are stuck in hospital beds even though they are in need of “alternate levels of care,” such as intensive home care, said Dr. David Walker, former dean of health sciences at Queen’s University and the report’s lead author.

The findings echo a Star investigation last winter.

The report was turned in on June 30 but was quietly posted on the health ministry’s website two months later, on the eve of the current election. Opposition critics Thursday accused the government of hiding its findings.

According to the report, the health of too many Ontario seniors is needlessly deteriorating in a system that relies too much on hospitals and not enough on community care, just as the Star’s Begging for Care series detailed last February.


Jen said...

Dr.Roy, Between Quebec's and Ontario's debt is very close to Canada's natural debt.
Fortunately in a sarc way, the media and their reporters are very enthusiastic with Dalton's way of creating his/their province into a HAVE- NOT province.

Can you imagine the reporting this news " Hi Ontarians, how great it is to feel that our province is a 'HAVE-NOT' province.

Quebec is just as bad.
And instead of the media go after the leaders of these two province, the go after the fed government on the deficit. What in the hell for?

Frances said...

Dr Roy - you have to watch out for homecare as well. When my mother went that route, the care set up was so bad that I could not be more than 15 minutes away from her place on a 24/7 basis. Only if one of the children (adults by this time) was 'on call' could I go further to do necessary work. Even then, I would be called home.

Finally my mother had a fall, landed in hospital, and was deemed unable to return to her apartment. The nursing home wasn't great, either, and I was called out a lot there (luckily it was nearby). But at least I was able to get a bit of a break.

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