Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cut the CBC more

This is better than the initial 5% cut , but it is far from selling of this leftist propaganda machine. Still cutting 10% a year for 5 years would be a good start!

Heritage Minister James Moore wants to slash CBC’s budget by 10 per cent, The Huffington Post has learned.

Although a government decision is far from complete, Moore has discussed his wish to see the public broadcaster’s $1.1-billion allocation cut by ten per cent, sources said. Moore had earlier this summer suggested the CBC could face a cut of "at least 5 per cent."

According to Ian Morrison, the spokesman for Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, that would be a devastating blow to the CBC.

“Ten per cent would have just huge consequences. It would result in station closures,” said Morrison, who warned that small stations serving rural areas would be particularly vulnerable.


Anonymous said...


Dennis K said...

Not that big a step in weaning the CBC off of the public teat, 25% would be more acceptable!

RJ65 said...

I am a fan of 33% per year over the next three years. Give CBC three years to come up with a new business plan or sell off their assets.

Alain said...

I find this meaningless. Why the refusal to privatise the whole outfit? We don't need a state broadcaster of any political stripe, thank you very much.

Guffman said...

Then again, this could just be the left-leaning Huffington Post manufacturing 'news' to get all the lefties up in arms about their precious CBC being decimated by the big, bad, mean Conservatives.

oxygentax said...

Just out of curiosity, how much does Friends of Canadian Broadcasting imagine it costs to run a repeater station?

There doesn't need to be a studio in every moderately sized city across Canada. They need only to set up a studio in each time zone (See: News Network, Sun) and put repeater towers in each city. Capital Cost of about $100 Million and reduction in expenditures of about 25% per year. Easy Peasy.

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