Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Crown

I wrote this letter in response to this column in the NP.
Freedom wears a Crown in Canada

National Post · Sept. 13, 2011 | Last Updated: Sept. 13, 2011 6:02 AM ET

Re: Canada's Royal Rebrand, Sept. 1.

I am a monarchist. I also happen to be an immigrant, Christian, gay and Tory. I have watched for many years as a campaign of republicanism by stealth has robbed Canada of a vital symbol, the Crown. I am very happy that Her Majesty's Canadian government has stopped this slide into republicanism and constitutional vandalism. I was also pleased that Jack Layton understood the value of our institutions and regularly referred to himself as Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition.

The recent moves of the government should only be a beginning. We must again teach the central role of the Crown in our history. Canada was a monarchy since its beginning. It is not a coincidence that the fleurde-lis of Quebec is the symbol of the Bourbon family. We must teach about the Mother of Confederation, Queen Victoria.

We must also teach more about our traditions of liberty, which date back to before the Magna Carta. Canada was founded not in revolution but by Burkean evolution. I suspect that is why Canada is a kinder, gentler place.

Forgetting these traditions has set much of the country adrift. We must tell all those who immigrate here that our traditions of freedom and liberty are fundamental to who we are.

In Canada, freedom wears a Crown.

Roy Eappen,


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