Monday, September 26, 2011

Conservatives and lefties

There are already ties between many conservative parties throughout the world in an organization called the International Democratic Union. It was formed by Baroness Thatcher and President Reagan to combat the forces of socialism. There are also ties between conservative parties in the English speaking world. It is good to learn from the mistakes and success of your friends. The dippers are already party of the socialist international, so there attempts for closer ties with labour in the UK and Australia would be expected. arise you wretched etc etc... Given the poor state of labour i the UK and the crumbling gillard government, advice from these lefties may not be useful to the dippers.

NDP plans pact with Labour parties in U.K. and Australia

NDP strategist Brad Lavigne says the pact will give the NDP a direct insight into strategies and practices of Conservatives in power.
Published September 26, 2011

The federal NDP is planning a pact with the Labour parties of the United Kingdom and Australia to take on what it sees as a threat from deepening ties between the Conservative Party of Canada and conservatives in the other two countries, as well as the United States.

A senior NDP official disclosed to The Hill Times the party is working towards a memorandum of understanding between the three left-of-centre parties that will allow them to share information and strategy as they attempt to showcase alternative solutions to national and global fiscal and economic challenges while developed economies continue to totter, at risk of a second major recession in the U.S. and Europe.

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