Thursday, September 01, 2011

Bias at elections Canada

I have written often about cleaning house at this liberal infested, Tory hating agency. Brian Lilley agrees. Firing Mayrand is just a beginning.

Fire Marc Mayrand. Now!
September 1, 2011 Posted by Brian Lilley
It’s time to fire the head of elections Canada, that’s the topic of tonight’s Byline.
Marc Mayrand, Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer has to go. Once again the man charged with being impartial while overseeing our elections laws has shown that he is not impartial, that he has different rules for different people.
The latest problem is that Elections Canada has decided that since CBC didn’t mean to break the elections act, Elections Canada won’t go after them.
On election night CBC broadcast results from eastern Canada straight across the country before polls had closed.
That’s against the law.
I may disagree with the law, I may think it is ridiculous along with many other laws but the law needs to be applied fairly and evenly.
Elections Canada prosecuted Paul Bryan, a Vancouver software developer, who posted election results early in 2000. Bryan had to defend himself in court, he was fined $1,000 for his crime, even though I’m willing to bet that not all that many people saw his website during the 2000 election.
Bryan, some friends and family and maybe some people who were both internet and election junkies, essentially a small group of people saw this.
He was charged, he was convicted.
How many people saw CBC flash election results? A million maybe?
Yet nothing.
Elections Canada says……well, CBC didn’t mean  to broadcast the results, they didn’t mean to break the law, they had a plan. The fact that the plan failed and a million people saw the results before they were legally allowed to be broadcast…..well that doesn’t matter. Not to Mayrand and company.
Unfortunately this is part of a pattern.
Marc Mayrand and Elections Canada protect Ottawa’s liberal establishment, like CBC or Liberal Party leadership contenders but go after the Conservatives.
The Conservative Party is still facing prosecution over their election spending in 2006 even though, like CBC, they didn’t mean to break the law.


Sean M said...

The obvious bias and corruption at EC and Maynards behaviour are quite astonishing, but not surprising. One set of rules for Trudeauvian Liberals, NDP'ers and Separatists, who incidentally invented the so called "in@out scheme" and the Conservatives. The bias is blatant and disturbing!! It would be nice if Mayrand could be fired and the whole of EC hosed out. The "culture of corruption" is alive and well within the bureaucracy and it needs to be fixed.

Michael Harkov said...

The Conservative Party is still facing prosecution over their election spending in 2006 even though, like CBC, they didn’t mean to break the law.

And how strenuously is EC going after the Liberal members who still, STILL own money from leadership campaigns. For crying out loud, some of them go back as far as 2006! No, no bias there at all.

Jen said...

Michael, EC would sooner go after you me and the doorpost before ever collecting the loans from the liberals who STILL STILL owe money.

The reporters are too chichen sh*t to ask the liberals who still owe EC to repay their loans.

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