Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another letter to the editor

I wrote this letter in the Montreal Gazette in defense of the Crown and private health care! It was in response to my colleague's letter.

Re: "Taxes better spent" (Your Views, Sept. 13).

I am quite pleased by Her Majesty's Canadian government's moves to reverse republicanism by stealth. Canada already has an official portrait of our sovereign, Queen Elizabeth. You can get one yourself by writing to the Department of Canadian Heritage. There will be virtually no cost to having portraits of our head of state in all our embassies. It will show to others that Canada respects its tradition, history and constitution. It also shows that we expect those who come here to respect these things as well.

As to funding for health care, I think it is high time the government allowed some private health care, to give the public system some competition. Health care is increasingly consuming our budgets at an unsustainable rate. Canada is a capitalist country. Competition will help make the public system better, thus reining in runaway costs.

Roy Eappen

Côte des Neiges

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