Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The ADQ youth wing..

Is showing more good sense than many of their elders. They have come out strongly against Francois Legault and his fantasy party. Legault recently announced he will be touring rural Quebec and will change his ideas yet again based on the tour. Legault and his imaginary party is trying hard to be all things to all people. jean Charest will just wait until his caq collapses under it's own weight. The young Adequistes are right!! Merger with this fiction is a terrible idea.

MONTRÉAL – La Commission des jeunes de l’Action démocratique du Québec (ADQ) s’oppose « catégoriquement » à une fusion avec la Coalition pour l’avenir du Québec (CAQ) de François Legault.

« Nous souhaitons le maintien de l’Action démocratique du Québec comme parti politique autonome sous le “leadership” de Gérard Deltell, que nous appuyons sans réserve », a indiqué à l’Agence QMI le président de la Commission des jeunes de l’ADQ, Denis Claveau.

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Anonymous said...

What is needed is a fund to bring back Mario Dumont. If enough people contributed $10 to such a fund we could have a real alternative to the P.Q. and the Liberals. Mario obviously needs to support his family and his t.v. job, etc. are keeping him afloat.

Charest keep back information about the real state of the Caisse de Dépôt in the last election and accused Mario of scaring seniors. But Mario was right as we learned after the election but by then Charest had his majority and Mario felt he had to resign because of the loss of seats by the A.D.Q.

I Support Lord Black