Monday, September 26, 2011

2020 and beyond!!!

I think that larry matin and some of his lefty friends are in despair at the hill times. I hate to tell you larry, I see many, many years of Tory government ahead.

PM could be ensconced in power until 2020, say experts
Insiders say the PM's political strengths and divided opposition could make this Stephen Harper's decade to shape Canada.

Published September 26, 2011

After uniting the right, winning three consecutive Conservative governments, and now facing an opposition in disarray, Prime Minister Stephen Harper could be in power until 2020.

"I think he's safely ensconced for at least another eight years," predicts veteran Parliament Hill journalist and Globe and Mail national affairs columnist Lawrence Martin, who documented Prime Minister Harper's (Calgary Southwest, Alta.) consolidation of power over five years of minority government in Harperland: The Politics of Control. The bestselling book was re-released last week with a new chapter.

With both the NDP and Liberals in search of leaders who can challenge the Prime Minister in 2015, it appears that the next election is already his to lose.

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