Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Win Lunch with a Conservative celebrity

Would you rather have lunch with margaret atwood ( yuck) or Doug Ford? My friends at the Toronto Taxpayers Federation are having a contest. I even entered. Tell people why Toronto should have lower taxes. Enter here.

If you had to pick, would it be a meal with Margaret Atwood or a lunch date with Doug Ford?

You have a chance at both thanks to duelling essay contests being hosted by Toronto’s library union and now the Toronto Taxpayers Coalition.

Hoping to drum up support against deep cuts, the Toronto Public Library Workers Union last week unveiled the “Why My Library Matters to Me” essay contest. The prize: quality time with Margaret Atwood or one of 10 other notable Canadian authors.

Not to be outdone, the coalition, a right-wing advocacy group, launched a mirror-image essay challenge, complete with its own roster of prize right-wing celebrity dates.


Anonymous said...

I would take Atwood over Doug Ford any day and I support PM Harper.

Whatever happened to the concept of a principled conservative? Ford is quite a buffoon.

Anonymous said...

A further thought. On what planet is Doug Ford considered a celebrity?

Anonymous said...

Addendum to a further thought... On what planet is Margaret Atwood considered a celebrity? Secondly, in what Galaxy is she considered a good author? Third, in what universe is lunch with her a prize to won instead of a window into purgatory?

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