Sunday, August 07, 2011

US Dems vs Canadian grits

As someone who supports our system of Constitutional Monarchy, I think our system of government is better than the American system. Inspite of impending disaster for the United States their system was virtually paralyzed.
It may be a question of whether our grits are more responsible than the US dems. Our grits were pushed to fix the deficit ( pretty well started by their messiah trudeau) in the 90's. Apparently this is something the US dems are incapable of understanding. What happened to the blue dogs? Even our dippers balance the budget in the provincial governments they have run.The US debt situation is a disaster and could bring the world back into recession. Apparently S&P wanted to see 4 trillion in cuts over a decade. Given the size of US government that is not unreasonable. Entitlement reform would be top of that list.
Fortunately the Tories will balance our budget, even though they are not doing it fast enough.
I am also glad we are expanding our free trade agreements. If the Us goes back into recession it is likely that we will also go back into recession. We need to expand our other trade relationships.


Anonymous said...

The grits fixed in part the deficit by pushing the problem onto the shoulders of the provincial and municipal governments. The lower levels of government had to make the hard spending cut decisions and take the heat for them.

And of course they benefited from the G.S.T. and free trade.

James W.J. Bowden said...

I concur, Dr! I characterized the American system of government as "irresponsible" in contrast to our responsible government. When the legislature does not control the government, there is little incentive to balance budgets. The split of the Presidency and the Congress will normally damn the US to deficit and debt.

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