Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Tory Fundraising Juggernaut rolls on

The Tories are on their way to record fundraising numbers for the year, but that includes money from the June convention. We raised $8.2 million for the second quarter for a total of $15.7 million for the first two quarters. The election saw more money for all the parties, but the Tories raised more than all other parties combined.
Interestingly the grist did have more donors than the dippers and actually raised more money, but I wonder if that will last given the grits third party status.

More at Punditsguide.


Anonymous said...

I have given money to the conservatives in the past. Now, several months in power and a majority, no more financial support from me until I see results.

Ending $2/ vote, ending long gun registry, straightening out the human right tribunals.

Anonymous said...

One more election to go. Donate to PCs in Ontario and help give Dalton the boot.

Anonymous said...

The link doesn't work. Probably disabled by bureaucrats because of who linked to them . . .

James said...

Re: Anon@8:39

I said virtually the same thing when the Tories called the other day. I told them that I'd donated quite literally thousands of dollars since the party was formed, and now it was their turn to come through on their promises.

I politely told the chap on the phone that when the gun registry is gone, I'll consider writing another cheque. But the size of my cheque will be contingent upon the level of decreased government spending. Until then, don't call.

The Pundits' Guide said...

@Anonymous at 9:04AM, it's very hard to link to the financial returns at Elections Canada because of the Microsoft ASP.NET technology used there. Nothing to do with the bureaucrats; everything to do with Microsoft (which I don't normally bash, but I dislike their web technologies).

Instead, you could try the finances page at Pundits' Guide for the overview, and links to the actual returns at EC.

Also, thanks as always to Dr. Roy for the citation, but here's a better link to my blogpost on the topic:

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