Tuesday, August 02, 2011

This is news?

Apparently the national media has suddenly discovered the Quebec ndp caucus is full of separatists. Maybe they should have done their due diligence and wrtitten about this during the campaiagn. I wonder how western populist prairie dippers, who I have no doubt love our great Dominion, feel about sharing their party with those who have little attachment for Canada.
Let the Quebec dippers renounce their separatism. They have already sworn allegiance to Our Sovereign Lady. Let us make sure they are working for Canada as well as Quebec. I guess the scales are falling from the eyes of the msms. Many of us had no such illusions.

New NDP Leader was long-time member of Bloc Québécois
OTTAWA— From Tuesday's Globe and Mail
360 comments Email Tweet Print/License Decrease text size Increase text size The new leader of the federal NDP was a card-carrying member of the Bloc Québécois for five years and quit the sovereigntist party only last January, one month before she announced plans to run as a key member of Jack Layton’s team in Quebec, documents show.

Nycole Turmel was chosen last week to lead the Official Opposition during Mr. Layton’s absence, and revelations about her long-standing sovereigntist ties are expected to fuel concerns in federalist circles about her commitment to national unity. In addition, Ms. Turmel’s recent support for the Bloc will prompt questions about ongoing ties between the NDP’s massive contingent of rookie MPs from Quebec and the province’s secessionist movement.


NeilD said...

Could this be why there were no Canadian flags to be seen during their recent national conference?

Dollops said...

Good Doctor: Isn't it always the case that the left is a coalition of special interests who drink each others' bathwater? The old prairie CCF'ers would have jumped ship around the time that Christianity was expunged from the NDP, so isn't it likely that the current gaggle of lefties would simply embrace the separatists as more voters to further their power-at-all-costs agenda?

maryT said...

A lot of us said that the Bloc supporters went for the ndp because of the outrage over their deal in the coalition. So, call yourself a dipper, get elected, hope for a minority and then the Bloc will be the govt with another coup. Canadians woke up and their plans went up in smoke. Just like the media ignored the facts re Obama, they ignored the fact most of those new dippers from Que are separtists. Also, a lot of us expect Mulcair to pull a Buchard before 2015. With Jack stepping down that probably wont happen, but he could take the non que ndpers and leave the party, if they continue their support of bill 101, 50% plus 1, and a few other Bloc ideas.
He wont do it for the good of Canada, but for his own personal gain.
Too bad for the dippers that their new leader reminds us all of Dion, and his attempt to speak English.

Anonymous said...

“Apparently the national media has suddenly discovered the Quebec ndp caucus is full of separatists. Maybe they should have done their due diligence and wrtitten about this during the campaiagn”

Ditto they should have done due diligence on Obama. They didn’t because the media is corrupt. We need to do due diligence on the media.


FoxtrotBravo said...

I'll never forget the night of the election, Jack strutting around, grinning ear to ear, all the while he was played for a giant putz by the hillbilly beckers.

Patsplace said...

Mini-Marx is from Quebec and as much as I don't have a ton of use for him, he's not stupid. I doubt very much that his appointment is done by accident. Premier of Quebec or maybe President of the Sovereign Nation of Quebec has a nice ring to it.

Telling it like it is said...

Everyone is/was speculating that the N.D.P. and Liberals would unite. As it stands now, it looks like the Bloc and N.D.P. are moving to unite.

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