Saturday, August 20, 2011

Salim Mansur on 9/11 and Western Decay

An important piece by Salim Mansur. Do we all have the confidence in Western values, to keep us from being destroyed by our enemies. I am not at all sure ...

The manner in which Imperial Japan was defeated contrasts with the manner in which for the past decade the U.S. and the West, united or in disagreement, have confronted terrorism and violence emanating from the Arab-Muslim world.

The overriding reason, I believe, is the extent to which the West has lost confidence in its own cultural values and historical achievements. This is a vast and complicated story.

In the future, some historian of much talent and imagination might sit down to write this story, as Edward Gibbon did to tell the story of the fall and decline of the Roman Empire.

But there were periodically intimations of this story, which went unheeded.

The drift of the West is unmistakable, and its denial is a sign of the problem.

Poets have the uncanny, even prophetic, ability to sense ahead of others things or situations gone awry.

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Anonymous said...

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Khan crusaded for Shariah Law in canada,CAIR would NOT condemn Muhammed Elmasry after he told Michael Coren that "Every israeli over 18 is a valid target for murder".
Prof. Elmasry was at the UofW, and the Board at the Univ. did not take a firm stance to condemn his call to murder israeli's( code for JEWS) . Oddly, that Board member is now our Gov General for canada. Imagine that, like having Trudeau promoted to the RCAF in WW2 just after he wore a Nazi helmet in Quebec to mock our troops fighting germany after Hitler's invasion of Poland.

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