Saturday, August 27, 2011

Salim Mansur: More freedom may save the west!

A great column on how to save the west. It is time to lessen the myraiad of ways the state lessens our freedoms.

If the decay of the West increasingly exposed since 9-11 is ever reversed, it will be as a result of the self-corrective tools of a free society.

Here, by decay I mean the layers of constraint placed by the state on individuals to think, speak and act as free people.

The constraints, as state-engineered regulations, are put in place always in the name of some good, yet the effect, intended or not, is diminution of individual freedom.

Whenever freedom based on individual rights is traded for some other good for advancing equality, fairness or some other politically correct state-directed policy, such as multiculturalism, it paradoxically enhances the power of the state over individuals.

The cumulative enhancement of state power and diminution of individual freedom eventually leads to turning an open society into a closed one. This process, as it advances, represents the decay of an open and free society.

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Dollops said...

The seemingly inevitable slide of democracies into welfare states raises the question of how to persuade free people to make sacrifices to maintain their freedom; do you limit the individual's freedom to choose limitations to his freedom?

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