Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quebec and the Tories

I wrote yet another letter to the editor in the Montreal Gazette.

" Re: "Quebecers may have burned a political bridge" (Editorial, Aug. 27).

I found your editorial interesting. As a Tory, I can assure you that our party is not abandoning Quebec. We have had many meetings on how we can bring Quebecers into our big blue tent. The government is making every effort to represent Quebecers. It would of course be better if there were more Tory MPs in caucus, but it is also up to the Tories to win the trust of Quebecers - but not at any cost.

I am sure after witnessing how ineffective the new NDP MPs are, Quebecers will reconsider their choices in the next federal election.

Roy Eappen

Côte des Neiges

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