Monday, August 29, 2011

Privatizing the CBC

an excellent article from my friends at the Canadian Centre for Policy Studies. You should attend their conference on unions in Toronto next week.
I'm sure Rex bond find a better job elsewhere.

A Conservative government gave and a Conservative government must take away.

Lest we forget, it was a Conservative government under prime minister R.B. Bennett that created what became the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

That federal government was also the last led by the Conservative party (before it added the dreaded "Progressive" prefix to its official title) until the advent of Stephen Harper and the new Conservative party. Bennett was never known as a "progressive" in the political sense of the word. Like the current prime minister, he was an MP from Calgary and a true believer in the importance of private enterprise and individual initiative.

But if Bennett created the CBC in an apparent contradiction of his political bona fides, Stephen Harper needs to examine the CBC from both an ideological and pragmatic viewpoint - something he has been adept at doing. He must ask himself, and Canadians, why this country needs a publicly funded radio and television network.

For a conservative who believes in limited government ownership, the phenomenon of the CBC clearly violates the ideological standard. For any Canadian clinging to the CBC for Canadian content in the media, the corporation is clearly redundant in today's cable universe.

Like the proverbial child who refuses to leave the security of mom and dad's house, the CBC has shown a definite reluctance to move from state sponsorship to the real world of paying your own bills.


Anonymous said...

Yes, The CBC's budget is supporting an agenda of more financial coercion from the small and individual tax payer.

Further to this, they subscribe to Marxist leaning Critical Theory. That is to say, divide one cause against another and let the government come in and pick up the pieces. And again, on the tax payers dime.

How long can this go on for? Anybody with capital to invest will flee from such a hostile environment. Just keep watching the Western dominant recession, the East are the winners that rise to the top while the government heavy Western nations don't.

The CBC is supporting an agenda of division and economic decline therefore.

Time to let them taste a little reality to allow those who believe in merit survive.

Thucydides said...

Why do we need to look so deep? The CBC utterly mismanaged their changover to digital broadcasting, demonstrating their managment is totally incompetent.

All the private broadcasters managed to meet the deadline without any sort of subsidy or government funding, but the CBC with a massive budget and no competative pressures to distract them could not manage a fairly simple changover.

Fire the senior managment for cause, disband the board of directors for cause and auction off the CBC divisions, intellectual property, bandwidth and equipment.