Friday, August 26, 2011

pq out of touch and in free fall

The pq is in free fall in the polls. One of its members is proposing all kinds of changes to the system of government in Quebec which would make Quebec a really horrible place to live. It would mean continual referendums on separation and virtual mob rule. Most Quebeckers are tired of the endless debate on separation. drainville's proposals are hardly likely to make the pq anymore popular. Maybe drainville should quit the pq and form yet another irrelevant separatist party. Meanwhile francois legault is proposing his party last only one term. sounds like the bloc to me. Politics in my home province gets whackier by the minute.

For months, Parti Québécois leader Pauline Marois has been getting an earful from her detractors, sovereigntists who accuse her of soft-pedaling the cause and behaving like an authoritarian. On Thursday, one of her purported friends weighed in, and the news was hardly better.

On a day that Ms. Marois woke to disastrous new poll results, one of her most prominent MNAs, Bernard Drainville, published his musings about what needs to change in Quebec politics. His conclusion: just about everything.

He avoided directly criticizing Ms. Marois, but he complained that the party she leads has lost its way. “Péquistes must also say a mea culpa and acknowledge that they have gradually moved away from Quebecers’ immediate and legitimate concerns,” he said. The PQ, he added, is no longer the “great reformer party” it was when it was created.


Bubba Brown said...

I hope they don't all "see the light" and start voting Conservative.

Pissedoff said...

The only light they are seeing is orange.

Sean M said...

Francophone Quebekers can't seem to get along with anyone, not even themselves. For tribalism and perpetual victimhood to flourish one needs an "enemy", and I guess when the "enemy" (anglos) have been marginalized and bullied to the point of non existence the tribal snake begins to eat itself.

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