Saturday, August 20, 2011

The New Canada?

As I often haVe said and written, I want to undo much of the evil wrought by Pierre Elliot Trudeau and his Canada destroying grits. The party of Laurier would have been horrified by the direction Pearson , Trudeau et all took Canada. The nnany state, toxic multiculturalism, disrespect for our traditions and constitution are all part of the trudeau ian nightmare. The Tories will reverse this. They must free us from the worst excesses of the nanny state and remind us of our links to a one thousand year old tradition of liberty. The Canadian authour < a href=>John Farthing wrote a book entitled Freedom wears a Crown. I love Canada. I rejoice in it's traditions and it's people. The people of this great land deserve so much better than trudeau, Pearson and their constitutional and historical vandalism.
Indeed the grits should remember that the great leaders of the past also mmsupported small government, self reliance and the Maple Crown! So this return to traditional values should be embraced by all Canadians. Canada is not medicare but freedom and loyalty. We should be grown up enough to celebrate our past and embrace our future.

“What we’re seeing is the emergence of a new patriotism or at the very least a small-c conservative alternative to the established Liberal narrative about Canada,” says Patrick Muttart, the former deputy chief of staff to Mr. Harper and key election strategist, who now works for a public strategy firm in Chicago.


renegade tory said...

I hope to see less of a nanny state as well, and from what I understand, Harper is a big fan of Hayek. I hope to see this come through the conservative government's policies over the next few years.

melvin said...

As I look back over my more than 70 years I realize that two events have been most harmful to my country.

One was the ascendancy of Mr Trudeau and the other was the creation of the CRTC/CBC juggernaut that has controlled Canadian discourse.

Finally, we are seeing a bit of light in the tunnel. I am beginning to feel proud once again.

Russ Campbell said...

Hear, hear!

Alain said...

I have had to watch the on-going Liberal war against our history, our traditions, our values and our culture so that they could create their mytical country. It began with Pearson and escalated like a rollacoaster to hell with Trudeau. These two and all those inbetween had absolutely nothing in common with true liberalism, now called classical liberalism.

To turn this around will be very difficult for we have had more than one generation indoctrinated with this propaganda and left ignorant of our history. I would love though to see it happen in my life time.

Anonymous said...


I've also been forced to watch this Liberal rebranding and I does not sit well with me at all. Like you, I think Mr. Harper and his government have their work cut out for considering Trudeau ranks as the best Prime Minister of all time. The damage didn't happen overnight and it sure won't be repaired overnight but with a Conservative dynasty replacing a Liberal one, perhaps we may just see it in our lifetimes.

Rick Thomson said...

What Melvin said. Were the Liberals to once again return to vision that Laurier, and Louis St. Laurent had, I would support them in a minute. Sadly I can't see this happening.

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