Monday, August 08, 2011

More Ontario grit incompetence ? corruption?

One of mcliar;s cabinet ministers has resigned. Election day is Oct 6. mcliar and his gang must go. I thought this was now, but was in 2007. But the my headline stands

A scandal over $32 million in grants to multicultural groups has cost Ontario Immigration and Citizenship Minister Mike Colle his job and jolted Premier Dalton McGuinty's government with an election just 11 weeks away.

Colle resigned as minister yesterday after Auditor General Jim McCarter slammed spending controls on the grants as among "the worst that we've ever seen." Colle acknowledged the money was often doled out with little or no paperwork.

He is the first McGuinty minister lost to scandal, and it comes just a little more than six weeks before the Oct. 10 election campaign gets under way in earnest.

Colle's resignation comes despite earlier attempts by the government to defuse the controversy over the grants in the face of a series of Toronto Star revelations and opposition party attacks.

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Anonymous said...

This article came out in 2007. Stop spreading lies

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