Friday, August 12, 2011

More on murdoch

I wrote this letter to the editor in the Montreal Gazette in July. I didn't notice that the published it until today.

Re: “The Murdoch mess and the press” (Your Views, July 20).

I agree with Gopal Sengupta that we should not try to limit a free press, but Rupert Murdoch and his organization have stepped far over the line. It is alleged that his agents paid royal protection officers for information about the location of the Queen. If true, it warrants the stiffest of sanctions.

I have not heard Murdoch apologize to the Queen and the royal family.

I have no wish to weaken the free press, but even the press must obey the laws of the land. That Murdoch and his minions breached British national security in such a way shows their utter contempt for the law.

Roy Eappen


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Anonymous said...

Come on now... it is ALLEGED that his agents paid royal protection officers. You don't apologize for something you haven't done or are unaware of. Who are these officers? Why are they not being charged? So hold your utter contempt until the allegation are proven. And now it seems that the other newspapers were doing the same.

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