Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More on HM not so loyal opposition

Lorne Gunter has an excellent piece on why the dippers complaints about HM Minister of Transport Denis Lebel are pretty funny. They are an attempt to muddy the waters so that Canadians will stoop paying attention to the actual separatists in the NDP. I now call them FINOs + Federalist in Name Only!

Of course there is a difference - a material one - between the Bloc Québécois past of Tory Minister of Transport Denis Lebel and interim NDP leader Nycole Turmel, and I say that not because I prefer Tories to New Democrats.

Mr. Lebel ceased to be a member of the BQ 10 years ago. Between his withdrawal from the Bloc and his election as a Tory MP - a span of more than seven years - he served two terms as mayor of Roberval, Que., during which time he made a conscious choice to eschew his sovereigntist past and seek election to the House of Commons as a federalist.

Ms. Turmel, by contrast, quit the Bloc only seven months ago, just weeks before she was nominated as an NDP candidate, and never fully renounced her support for the separatists. Indeed, she seems to have turned in her Bloc card only so she wouldn't have to admit to having one while running for the NDP.

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Monica said...

AND more disturbing to me is the fact that throughout the election and the recent appointment as Interim leader, Mme Turmel RETAINED her active membership with Quebec Solidaire, a radical separatist fringe headed by a know anti-semite (for those who care to check out WHO these people actually are) QS has made no secret of the fact that they intentionally ran their members in the election under the NDP banner and continue to infiltrate the NDP with an eye to the next QC elections. IS the NDP a separatist party now - Canadians have a right to know - because the Interim Leader certainly is - WHY did she think to give up her membership to the Bloc ( one of the 2 Fed party memberships - opposing memberships - held simultaneously)in order to run under the NDP Fed banner - but chose to retain her membership to QS? There is ONLY one conclusion to be drawn ... just how many QS members are there in the NDP ... disclosure please ...

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