Monday, August 01, 2011

More on Ethical Oil

My friend Alykhan Velshi is doing a great job with his new site He has now bee endorsed by the Globe and had huge pieces in the Calgary Herald and Edmonton Journal. Even the guardian has written about the campaign.

When rational arguments and facts don't work, sometimes you need to deliver a visual baseball bat to the head.

That's what Alykhan Velshi has created - seven grand-slam hits to knock some sense into the craniums of critics of the single greatest wealth and jobs generator in the country - Canada's oil and gas industry.

Velshi, a lawyer and a former communications director for federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, has just taken over from his friend, Ezra Levant, the author of the book Ethical Oil.

The ads juxtapose grim visuals of the outcome of conflict oil next to cheery photos from Canada's ethical oil.

One ad shows two men with nooses around their necks as they prepare to be hanged for the "crime" of being homosexuals in some Middle Eastern country with the word "persecution" running across the photo on a red banner. Next to it, the arms of two men holding hands with rainbow bracelets and the word "pride" running across the image on a green background.

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Winston said...

Is this associated with Ezra Levant? I think it is a smart campaign

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