Friday, August 26, 2011

More Experimental evidence against the hoax

The CERN experiments have shown a link to climate change to sunspots and clue cover. Once again weakening the role of CO2 as a driver of climate change. This means once again that many of the models used by the hoaxers have totally overplayed the climate sensitivity to CO2 concentrations.
The models are way too simple to explain climate and this is another nail in the coffin of the hoax.

As someone else put it. The theory of CO2 induced positive feedbacks for their doomsday warming is totally without experimental basis. The theory for sunspot-climate link is now pretty much proven beyond reasonable doubt both from the CERN work showing the mechanism and by the empirical data showing that there is a correlation. This is like comparing apples with pears. Real science with voodoo eco-political claptrap.

There is no way on earth anyone can ever again ask: “well what else could have caused it?” The only valid question is how much of the (apparent) warming is due to CO2, how much due to sunspots, and how much due to the multitude of other influences on the climate which have been similarly denied by the nutters running science at the moment.

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RJ65 said...

Everyone can do a simple experiment. Hold a 40watt light bulb (turned on) a distance from your head - feel the warmth. Now switch it for a 200 watt bulb and feel the difference. Now imagine that the bulb is the sun and that the larger bulb is a sunspot. I admit that this is a little simplistic, but it illustrates that the main driver of global climate is the sun and not a CO2

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