Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A merger between legault's CAQ and the ADQ?

I have supported the ADQ in the past and think they are the only viable source for real reform in Quebec. The ADQ represents the center right in Quebec. I am not sure what legault represents.
He calls himself the gauche efficace ( the efficient left, a true oxymoron). Much of his stated policies are essentially lifted from the Parti Quebecois. I think a merger with this of the his left wing CAQ with the right of center ADQ would be a very bad idea. legault is of the left. He wants big government and more taxes. He would have the upper hand in any such merger and that would lead to yet another left wing party in Quebec. The ADQ would have to abandon all of its policies and would lose many of its members and activists. Quebec is sinking under the burden of its debt. It is receiving large subsidies from Canada to provide platinum plated social programs. The Quebec model is calling out for reform. legault just wants to tweak it a little. He essentially agrees with the big government model. He is also still a separatist. he essentially wants to form another version of the parti quebecois. It is waiting for the winning conditions for separation by another name.
There is a Facebook page that opposes this merger. It is called Adequistes et autres contra le CAQ. If you also think this is a bad idea for Quebec. Join the group! Let your voice be heard.

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