Sunday, August 14, 2011

mcliar can't get the e-health scandal out of the new

No matter howe hard he tries mcliar can't bury the billion dollar e-health scandal. 54 days until Ontario votes out the grits. This is a good reminder of why the grits need to be tossed out.

Ontario's Liberal government vowed Friday to fight a proposed class-action suit by employees at scandal-plagued eHealth Ontario, who have taken the first step in the legal action to get pay raises.

Hundreds of employees at the electronic health records agency were promised merit increases of 1.9 per cent and bonuses averaging 7.8 per cent this year, despite a Liberal government order to freeze public sector wages for two years.

McGuinty says loss of Ontario health records very serious issue
Tory posturing on eHealth bid could harm already fragile agency
eHealth contract contender says executives linked to scandal won’t be involved in new bid
After the planned increases were reported in March, Health Minister Deb Matthews told the eHealth board to take another look at the plan in light of the government's wage freeze, which was announced in the 2010 budget to deal with a deficit now at $16-billion.

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