Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Master Chef

I enjoy Fox's Master chef and Hell's Kitchen. I was very happy that Jenny won Master Chef USA last night. Christian , her main rival was a nasty, arrogant and annoying competitor. I'm sure most people watching Master Chef( US) were hoping for his humiliation. I remind Christian, that pride goeth before a fall. Or as Jenny said it last night, Karma is a bitch that will bite you in the ass. I am also glad Adrien was in the finale.
I do think Chef Ramsey needs to buy a thesaurus. Chef Joe is also a nasty piece of work, but I liked his mom, and you need one really nasty guy for this formula.
MasterChef Winner on Gutting Fish, Lucky Mushrooms and the Villainous Christian
Aug 17, 2011 01:00 AM ET
by Hanh Nguyen

Capping off a two-hour finale Tuesday night, MasterChef named its Season 2 winner, Jennifer Behm, who beat out fellow finalists Adrien Nieto and Christian Collins for the title.

"I definitely will not pass up champagne this time," Behm tells The Delaware realtor had notoriously skipped out on a champagne-sipping reward during the competition and opted to cook alongside her rivals, risking elimination. "We actually have a whole case of Joe [Bastianich]'s prosecco from one of his vineyards to celebrate the evening and have a good time."

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rabbit said...

The three judges likely wanted Christian in for the final episode for the conflict and tension he generated.

But they also likely didn't want him to win. A superior chef must be good with both food and people, a thought that I'm sure crossed their minds.

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