Sunday, August 07, 2011


I attended the first day of the Liberty Summer Seminar. I was unfortunately able to attend day 2.
It was a great event as usual. It was wonderful seeing many old friends. The speakers were excellent. Unfortunately Radley Balko was unwell, but he was replaced at the last minute by Lawrence Reed. He flew in from Atlanta at the last minute!
Peter Jaworski thanked us all for helping him and his family with the petty bureaucrats of clarington.
 Jasmin Guenette told us about how the grits with pressure from world financial markets,Preston Manning and Reform balanced the budget in Canada. He also reminded us that before 1970 ( the time of the marxist trudeau) deficits were unusual and taxes were low.
 Then  Nimish Adia spoke   in defence of third world sweat shops. He was very funny. Would that all university professors were such good speakers.
 There was then a debate between Leon Drolet and Anton Howes about whether libertarians should get involved in electoral politics. Leon in the affirmative and Anton in the negative. I am not a libertarian and I am deeply involved in electoral politics , so I think Leon won. Anton had some interesting arguments and a lovely English accent, but the crowd voted against him and he was thrown in the pond. I will post videos of the talks when they are available. Unfortunately I missed todays festivities. I slept in and the weather was bad ( surprise, surprise), so I didn't  go back. It will be another great day with many people from groups that I support speaking including CTF, Tribute to Liberty and CCF.
You should give money to ILS to help them keep putting on theses great events.

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